French soldiers patrol in front of the Eiffel Tower (Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images)

Scores Killed In Paris Terror Attacks

By Nathan James

At least a hundred people have lost their lives today, as a wave of terrorist attacks swept through Paris, France, and officials say the carnage is likely the work of the Islamic State terrorist organization.

In addition to the dead and injured, the terrorists have taken an unknown number of hostages, according to the Surete, Paris’ detective agency.

“It’s an unspeakable horror,” President Francois Hollande said at a news briefing, describing the coordinated, simultaneous attacks at restaurants, and the Bataclan concert hall. The six attacks included suicide bombings, and gunmen firing AK-47 machine guns into crowds of people, police said. Read More


New Coating for HIV Drug Holds Promise for Patients

Instead of daily pills, the treatment could lead to drugs that can be administered just once or twice per year.

The new delivery system, designed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, starts with protease inhibitors, the antiretroviral drugs commonly used to treat HIV.

The so-called nanoformulation process makes the drug into a crystal, like an ice cube in water.

The nanoformulated drug was tested with a new drug discovered at the University of Rochester. URMC-099 treats HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders, and researchers wanted to know if it could be given safely with antiretroviral drugs. Read More


By Nathan James

Republican presidential hopefuls, comprising a sitting governor, former governor, and current US Senator, attended an Iowa conference on Sunday, whose organizers have repeatedly and publicly called for the execution of gays and lesbians.

Sen. Ted Cruz, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, and Gov. Mike Huckabee appeared at the “National Religious Liberties Conference”, presented by Pastor Kevin Swanson, who is a longtime advocate

of making homosexuality a capital crime, “as Biblical law prescribes,” according to his Colorado church.

The candidates, all of whom are running on anti-gay campaign platforms, spoke alongside other vigorously anti-gay figures, including Phil Kayser, pastor of the Dominion Covenant Church, who recently wrote a position paper calling for the recriminalization of homosexuality, as a death penalty offense. “This is based on my reading of Biblical law”, Kayser said, “even if it isn’t likely to happen soon”. Read More



President Barack Obama committed to working with Canada’s new Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau of Canada on climate change and trade promotion Tuesday during a congratulatory phone call.

In particular, the two leaders noted the successful conclusion of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and the need to move forward with implementing the trade agreement. They also committed to work together to achieve a global climate agreement in Paris in December.

Trudeau will become Canada’s next prime minister after leading his Liberal Party to a commanding victory in Monday’s parliamentary elections.

Results provided by Canada’s election commission show the Liberals winning 184 seats in the 338-seat Parliament, compared to the 99 seats won by outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party. Read More



How I came out as gay & rejected superstition & intolerance

By Sohail Ahmed

London, UK – I was born into a practising and very devout Muslim family in East London. My mother wears the niqab and my father keeps a long beard. Both my parents are fundamentalist Salafi-Wahhabi Muslims.
I was brought up in a household where music and TV were not allowed. I was taught that the non-Muslims, the kuffaar, are the sworn enemy and cannot be trusted. I was told that my country of birth, the United Kingdom, was at war with Islam and was the enemy. I was taken out of assemblies at school by my parents, so that I wouldn’t be influenced by western ‘propaganda’.

I was taught this radical form of Islam both at home and at the local mosque I attended every weekday in Leyton. I became engrossed in Islam; reading Islamic books in my spare time. Eventually, I became quite knowledgeable in Islamic theology and was well known in the Muslim community as a person who was religious and very well versed in the teachings of Islam.  Read More


By Rev. Irene Monroe

By Rev. Irene Monroe

With four GOP debates now aired where all the presidential hopefuls are clearly either conservative or ultra-conservative on social issues, one has to wonder—where are the Log Cabin Republicans in pushing forth LGBTQ concerns this campaign season?

While I am not a Republican, and I don’t expect from Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) the sort of public protesting as that of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, I am hoping, however, to see LGBTQ Republicans publicly bring to the fore how being anti-LGBTQ in 2015 is a huge political liability for any Republican candidate, especially one seeking the highest office in the land.

On the Log Cabin website it states “We believe equality for LGBT Americans is in the finest tradition of the Republican Party. We educate our Party about why inclusion wins. Opposing gay and lesbian equality is inconsistent with the GOP’s core principles of smaller government and personal freedom.”

With that said where is the ground work being done to help the G.O.P move forward on LGBTQ inclusion? While I’m not a prognosticator I do know a Republican will not win the 2016 presidential bid. However, my hope is when one does she or he won’t repeal LGBTQ gains won.

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