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Designer Adrian Alicea Prepares For NYC Fashion Week


adrian_main‘Chrysalis’ Runway Show Invokes Transformational Theme

Noted fashion desugner Adrian Alicea, CEO of Adrian Alicea Haute Couture, is well known in industry circles for his grand, sweeping Fashion Week shows.

By Nathan James

These extravagant events, which Alicea has hosted for over a decade, showcase dozens of models wearing his elegant, sometimes provocative creations.  Last fall, his Hybrids Of The Deep Blue Sea set an aquatic tone with the models depicting all kinds of marine life.

This time, Alicea says, it’s all about change.  “I wanted to show transformations,” he reflects, “because change is about acceptance, about knowing it’s OK to be who you are.”  History is a driving force behind the designer’s work on Chrysalis.  “I feel as though I’ve been here before, through my grandparents, and great-grandparents, so their transformation comes down to me,” Alicea notes, “and because I watch a lot of epic–as opposed to commercial–movies, I get a sense of other cultures, like the Egyptians, and how they, too, were ruled by powerful people, like we are today”.

Indeed, the power of days gone by figures prominently into the show, with dark tones and themes progressing into a homage to the Parisian designs of the 1940s.  “I wanted to evoke Chanel and the other great names of that era, but also show how it’s all about becoming–how we get to where we are.”

As an artist, Alicea is driven to create, often in ways those close to him don;t understand.  “It’s a life of only getting four hours of sleep a night, and always working,” Alicea declares, “I have very few close friends.  They think they understand me, but they don’t.”  He struves to put something of himself into each piece he creates, saying, “My designs are me.”

The upcoming show, on February 12 at Manhattan’s Landmark On The Park, 160 Central Park West, will feature “Amazonian models, very tall, very thin,” according to Alicea.  “I’ve been designing for 11 years, first at Nico & Adrian, now at Adrian Alicea Haute Couture, and I’ve always tried to grow.”

For more about Adrian Alicea and the Chrysalis Fashion week event, visit www.adrianalicea.com.


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