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The Ensemble Theatre’s The Nacirema Society

Photo by David Bray

By William H Jones Jr

Pearl Cleage’s romantic comedy, The Nacirema Society, in its regional debut in a scrumptiously detailed production from Ensemble Theatre, is a singular pleasure Her characters are upper-crust African-Americans in 1964 Montgomery, Alabama. The Dunbars and the Greens are doctors, lawyers, college-educated, successful, and proud of it. They’ve been pillars of society for decades and plan to stay that way.

Matriarch Grace Dubose Dunbar (Detria Ward) oversees the 100th anniversary of Montgomery’s prestigious Nacirema Society with its swanky debutante ball. Nacirema. Grace has plans for her granddaughter Gracie (Candice D’Meza) to marry her high school flame Bobby Green (Derrick Brent) and attend medical school. The granddaughter has other scholarly ambitions (an aspiring writer) and romantic desires as well as does her boyfriend. Truth is the boyfriend has a thing for the maid’s granddaughter. All this Grace refuses to stand for.

Thanks to the sympathetic direction from Eileen J. Morris, the humor wraps you up in a loving embrace, as it’s all about family.

Nacirema runs through October 21 at Ensemble Theatre, 3535 Main. For information, call 713-520-0055 or visit the company website. Tickets are $15-$27.