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Out Brooklyn Artist Readies Exhibit


Painter’s Gallery Showcases Expressionist Pieces

By Nathan James

It is said that the story of the paintbrush on canvas is really the story of the artist himself, and at Brooklyn artist Elias Andrews’ CocoRite house gallery, this adage is on display for all to see.  Andrews, a Trinidad native, describes himself as an “expressionist” painter, and his artwork is about to be displayed at a new public exhibition later this month.

With bold, often provocative themes, and warm colors that evoke the artist’s Caribbean heritage, the paintings are the work of an out man of color who rediscovers his talent every day.  Several years ago, Andrews recalls, “I had a falling out with God.  I was at a low point in my life,” and while working through his crisis of faith, “I asked god to show me my talent.”

Andrews began painting shortly thereafter, and hasn’t looked back.  “My paintings are me,” he says, “and I make statements with them”.

Andrews’ gallery, CocoRite House, was founded in 2009, and acts as a showcase for his work.  Operated out of his Brooklyn home, where the artist creates his pieces, it gives a true sense of the connection between painter and canvas.  “I was inspired by other [out] artists, like Keith Haring,” Andrews notes, “and I am always trying to grow and evolve.”

On October 26, CocoRite House will display Andrews’ work in a free exhibition at St. Teresa’s Church, 563 Sterling Place in Brooklyn, from 3 to 10 PM.  Entitled I Am Shouter, the gallery will present both recent and older Andrews paintings.  Andrews himself continues to seek new artistic horizons, in a divinely-inspired quest to connect people with his work.