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Fitness Male Model Competition, this weekend in Los Angeles

Sydney “Flex” Porter, founder of Body Boyz United.
Photo credit: Tommy+Alan Photography

Protein shake or double cheeseburger? The choice is no sweat, depending on the person answering. Sydney “Flex” Porter, founder of Body Boyz United, prefers protein shakes.

If you’re planning to attend one of his events, he expects you not to grab buns.

But, if you prefer burgers to shakes you are also invited, just substitute a tossed salad for sliced potatoes.

The right choices will help you be better, happier, and have a fulfilled life through healthier living, said Flex.

Interview by Victor Yates

Body Boyz United is a lifestyle promotion company, hosting several events in Los Angeles during Columbus Day weekend. With the crown jewel being its 2nd Annual Fitness Male Model Competition, taking place Friday, October 5, 7:30pm at Holiday Inn – LAX. The competition is somewhere in between Mr. Olympia and Miss USA with more testosterone and less Preparation H and includes an underwear round.

Founded in 2009 by Flex, BBU was originally envisioned to be an annual event in Las Vegas to bring diverse and health-minded gay and gay friendly men together to bond, network and celebrate brotherhood. Now BBU has evolved to become first organization formed to celebrate health and fitness in the black/Latino gay community.

Flex discusses Body Boyz United and the impact he wants his organization to have on the community.

Victor Yates: For anyone who has not been to a Body Boyz United event, what is BBU and what separates BBU from other events?

Flex: We want to inform, educate, and empower all men of all races, straight or gay, and provide them with a platform to be recognized, honored and celebrated for their huge accomplishments.

What separates BBU from other events is that our events focus on fitness and wellness first and foremost. Our goal is to inspire, encourage, and motivate people to incorporate fitness and wellness in their lives. Even if it is just for a four day weekend. The nightlife entertainment and club parties are secondary.

Victor Yates: If you could compare the average Body Boyz attendee to a celebrity or public figure, in terms of body, who would it be?

Flex: Shemar Moore. Sexy, fit, and fine.

Victor Yates: If Shemar Moore comes to the competition how would you react?

Flex: Surprised and honored. I do know a friend who knows him, but that would be awesome.  

Victor Yates: One of the main events is the Fitness Male Model Competition. What are the criteria for entering the competition?

Flex: The Fitness Male Model Competition is for attractive men from around the country. Contestants must have stunning looks, an athletic body, and know how to present themselves in a sexy and marketable manner. Contestants must be in good mental and physical health and at least 21 years of age.

Victor Yates: I’m curious! Why marketable?

Flex: The Fitness Male Model Winner will be the face of Body Boyz United 2013 and also our spokesperson. It helps if he is marketable for sponsors and media coverage.

Victor Yates: What will the judges look for in the winner?

Flex: A contestant that is fit, attractive, well groomed, and presents proper shape and symmetry, combined with muscularity and overall condition. Also the contestant, who has stage presence and poise who can successfully convey his personality and likeability to the audience.

Victor Yates: What are the rounds of the competition?

Flex: Three rounds, which consists of sportswear, swimwear and underwear.

Victor Yates: Who are the contestants?

Flex: Jeffrey Acoff, Elliott Anthony, Zachary Buschman, Jermany Byrd, Angel Garet, Jesse Moons, Steven Plater, and Joe Rose.

This is our 2nd Fitness Male Model Competition. Our first winner is our current fitness model of 2012, Mr. Glenn Miller.

Victor Yates: What can people expect to see at the Fitness Male Model Competition?

Flex: People that are attending can expect to see some extremely sexy and fit men from all over the country battling it out on the runway stage to be the next Body Boyz United Fitness Model of 2013.

Victor Yates: Will there be a meet and greet with the contestants?

Flex: Yes, following the competition with music, drinks, and appetizers.

Victor Yates: What impact does BBU want to have on the community?

Flex: The impact we want to have, on the community, is knowing the importance of incorporating fitness in one’s daily life for a better and healthier life.

Victor Yates: What vision do you have for the organization, in terms of growth?

Glenn Miller

Flex: In 2013, BBU will be launching the first ever fitness, fashion and lifestyle magazine geared towards gay men of color.

Victor Yates: How many people do you expect to see during the whole weekend?

Flex: 500 plus

Victor Yates: The Fitness Male Model Competition is one of several events Body Boyz is hosting during the Columbus Day Weekend. What are the other events?

Flex: BBU will also be hosting a dinner and game night at the ESPN Zone at L.A. Live in downtown L.A. on Saturday, October 6th, and our Sports Outdoors Picnic on Sunday, October 7th at the Pan Pacific Park. As well as dance club parties in association with Secrets L.A.

Victor Yates: Ripped is the theme of the Columbus Day events. For people out there who want to take the first step to get a ripped body what should they do?

Flex: Making fitness and working out a lifestyle.

Victor Yates: How does one stay ripped?

Flex: Diet and exercise are two key factors in becoming and staying ripped.

Victor Yates: You’re pretty ripped. Do you yourself train people?

Flex: Unfortunately, I’m not a trainer, but several of our Body Boyz models are trainers.

Victor Yates: Who and are they seeking new clients to train?

Flex: Yes, Darrell Warren and I’m sure some of the fitness models in the competition are too, but I’m not sure which ones.

Victor Yates: What foods should attendees avoid before coming to the events?

Flex: Sweets.

Victor Yates: What foods should attendees eat before coming?

Flex: Fruits.

Victor Yates: Out of all the events what is the one event, during the weekend, that people should not miss?

Flex: People attending should definitely try to make all the events for each one will be fun and entertaining. However, if I had to choose one event it would be the Sports Outdoors Picnic. This is an event that everyone will have fun attending. We’ll be serving great food, playing sports like basketball and volleyball, cards, and the eye-candy will be a real treat, plus everyone loves a picnic in the park.

Victor Yates: What future events will BBU have?

Flex: Our next event will be the Magazine Launch Party in March or April 2013.

Victor Yates: Will the Body Boyz models be there?

Flex: Yes, some may be, but mainly at the nightclub events and the picnic (during the Columbus Day Weekend events).

To get all the details on the BBU Columbus Day Weekend Events go to their website www.bodyboyzunited.com, follow them on twitter at BODYBOYZUNITED or like their Facebook fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/bodyboyzunitedfanpage.