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Exciting times at Fashion Week

Fashion Week – New York 2012

September is always a festive part of the year in New York City, and you have to be totally oblivious and stuck under rock not to know why.

By Delvon Johnson

Every year, right after the kids head back to school, and the labor day festivities are over, fashion designers from every nook in the world come to our proud city for something called NYC Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

It’s an experience that everyone should experience at least once in his or her lifetimes.

Originally being held in Bryant Park, New York City Fashion Week is now housed at Lincoln Center. As you walk into the open space on the grounds generally known for is musical brilliance, there is feeling of freedom and fashion bliss that is hard to ignore.

Celebrities are moving in haste to and from fashion shows while photographers stand around waiting to photograph them or anyone camera worthy. For seven days, Lincoln Center gets a glimpse of what fashion is all about. A place where everyone wants to be seen in his or her hottest garments.

A place where everyone wants to express their fashion independence, and the day that kicks this exciting and festive occasion off in September is called Fashion’s Night Out.

Fashion’s Night Out for 2013 was simply amazing. People flooded the streets of New York City to experience all the excitement. From Soho to the Upper East Side, stores opened their doors to the public and invited people in to shop. But not just to shop. To also have a good time. Stores hired DJ’s to play music.

In Bergdorf Goodman, Lady Bunny was spinning club beats in the handbag section. If that wasn’t enough, fabulous foods and beverages were being served, and celebrities even made guest appearances at various stores and boutiques throughout the city.

The infamous Andre Leon Talley was found in Louis Vuitton enjoying the festivities that the night brought. In the Henri Bendel Boutique, an amazing model with a red gown that symbolized a medieval goddess performed visual art as people enjoyed music, drinks and good food.

Fashion’s Night Out is the always the perfect way to begin the fall. It’s also the ideal way to kick off something as fabulous as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, and one thing is for sure. Whether you are as close as New Jersey or as far as California, if you have never been to NYC Fashion Week, it is an unforgettable experience. Not just for those involved in fashion, but for those who enjoy the world of fashion and what comes with it.