Photos courtesy of Michael Penny

Junk will soon be coming your way. No, it’s not refuse from the local landfill, but a sprightly, witty new musical comedy film starring Tym Moss and Robbie Wayne. The movie, written, scored and directed by filmmaker Michael Penny, tells the story of an aging gay queen, and his crush, a young hunk who isn’t receptive to the older man’s advances.

By Nathan James

Shot last winter on location in an abandoned North Carolina hotel, Junk was brought to completion on the tightest of schedules. “Oh, my God,” Tym recalls, “they would give me lines the night before the scene was to shoot, and I had just that long to be off book”.

It was a challenge, but one where everyone pulled hard on the sane rope. “Everyone was just fantastic, especially Mike,” Tym notes, “and we all worked very hard to get the project finished.”

Developed from a stage play, the songs and story have been adapted for the screen, to great effect. “It’s delightfully campy,” says Tym, a veteran actor whose credits include his wildly popular one-man cabaret show, numerous plays, and hosting gigs at Pride celebrations all over New York City.

In Junk, Tym portrays Miss lily as an embittered, cynical old queen who has seen too much shade and not enough sunlight. Lily wants Chris in the worst way, but he’s just not having it. Set against the film’s rustic Piedmont backdrop, Tym and Robbie skillfully bring Michael Penny’s unrequited vision to life in a colorful, but pointed foray into often-hidden aspects of gay life.

“In the film, Lily is doing these soliloquies, and then breaks out into song,” Tym rhapsodizes, “and sometimes we’d stop shooting a scene, and I’d have to find that exact same spot and pose, when we picked it up again.” Budget constraints, and the small size of the production team were challenges to overcome, “and we pulled it off,” Tym states.

Independent (gay) film is very much a niche genre, but Junk plays out like a big-budget picture. Look for its theatrical release later this year, and you can discover more about the movie and its team, by visiting the official Facebook page.