Being a top could save you money when you’re out on the town in Brooklyn. Anonymous, a private, recurring gay get-together at an undisclosed location in the northern part of the borough, charges two separate admission prices–$65 for bottoms, but only $25 if you’re a top.

By Nathan James

The rationale for this, says Luke, an event promoter who declined to give his full name, is that “we need a huge ratio of tops to bottoms, which means discounting admission for anyone who wants to top. That’s also part of what the bottoms are paying more for – guaranteed high numbers of tops.” Although it’s known as an underground sex party, Luke says safety is a priority. “I have staff throughout the space,” he points out. “We do regular check-ins with our bottoms to make sure they are feeling safe, comfortable, taken care of properly and if they need bathroom breaks or to take a time out we can help them do that.”

There are a limited number of “bottom slots”, Luke notes, so people can’t identify as a top, pay the reduced entry fee, and “switch over” to being a bottom once the’re inside. Anonymous is one of a number of such underground parties, which were generally shut down by the city years ago, in response to the HIV crisis. The advent of preventative treatments like PrEP have sparked their resurgence. “With the effectiveness of PrEP, and the knowledge that someone who is undetectable cannot transmit the virus to their sexual partners, people may be able to explore certain sexual fantasies without any risk of HIV transmission,” Matthew Hiodson, who runs NAM, and HIV advocacy group, recently told Gay Star News. Condom usage is nevertheless encouraged at Anonymous, along with other measures. “Even if you’re on PrEP, or certain that your sexual partners are undetectable, regular STI screening can ensure that if you have an STI it will be detected and treated, which will reduce the risk of you passing it on to others,” Hodson says.

The next Anonymous event is this Saturday.