A brand-new dramedy series premieres on the Bravo TV network tonight, the brainchild of director JD Lawrence and co-producers Dane Joseph, Dwight Allen O’Neal, and Daniel Armando. Entitled Your Husband Is Cheating On Us, this look at “the show behind the show” depicts the goings-on among the cast and crew of a traveling urban theater production (the series title).

By Nathan James

Starring Grammy Award-winning vocalist Ginuwine, D’Atra Hicks, Tony Gallant, Lia Grant, Kristen Plati, and Jermaine Sellers, the program injects a stark, reality-show feel into the story, as Lawrence gets them all together under one roof.

The drama is enhanced by the skillful addition of material from the cast’s real-world lives, making it a worthy follow-on to Bravo’s Sunday night staple, Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

This project has our unique brand of humor and relatable drama baked into its DNA,” Joseph rhapsodizes. “Whether we’re doing scripted or unscripted work, we excited to bring forth work everyone can be proud of, and Your Husband Is Cheating On Us is just that. We couldn’t be happier and humbled by the community’s support.”

Director JD Lawrence

Joseph, whose works include the popular online series Drama Queenz, and the critically-acclaimed film Subways, was joined by veteran actor and screenwriter Dwight Allen O’Neal, and business partner Daniel Armando. “Who would have thought a walk to Planet Fitness in 2012 with Dane, and joking about how entertaining it would be to see the shenanigans behind the scenes of an Urban Theatre play would be,” O’Neal recalls, ” would lead to a brand-new series on Bravo? Well that’s exactly what happened. I am very excited to continue to create amazing new projects with two of my closest friends!

O’Neal is a prolific artist whose earlier achievements, including Christopher Street, and its sequel, CockTALES, established him as a gifted young talent to watch, says there’s more to come from Novo Novus, Joseph’s production company. “This is only the beginning as Novo Novus has a ton of amazing new groundbreaking projects up our sleeve,” O’Neal confides, “Your Husband is Cheating on Us is just the beginning.”

Armando heartily concurred, saying, “We’re thrilled to be creating content that resonates with people and want to continue to push Novo Novus into exciting new places. YHICOU is just another example of the innovative work we want to continue to introduce to audiences.”

You can watch this groundbreaking series starting April 1, at 9 PM Eastern time, on the Bravo network. Check your local listings for time and channel