“Crash” is the first single from out artist Billy Winn since he split with his record label two years ago.

Written and produced by Billy and Mark A. Barrie of the production team Madscience, “Crash” is a super intense, emotional, and dynamic electro pop record, similar to his previous hit records, “Cruel Intentions” and “He Won’t Do,” but with less of a dance focus. “Parting ways with Kaleidosphere was tough and I had to take some time away from music to figure out what was next for me,” Winn admits.

When I first heard Mark’s instrumental for what would become ‘Crash,’ it sounded like a brand new start for me. It was heart-wrenching, intensely erotic, atmospheric and a bit grown up from the sound of my previous tracks. I was ready to evolve musically and explore deeper topics of love that I had been experiencing as I’ve grown older and, supposedly, wiser. So lyrically, I went to a place about a relationship built on lust, that was starting to spill over into territories that are emotionally off-limits, for one reason or another. ”

Billy Winn’s “Crash” will be available October 20th on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms.

“Love is complicated, especially when it’s the kind of unrequited feelings that I sing about in ‘Crash,’” continues Billy Winn from his DC home. “I recently found myself in a situation where I thought that by giving into someone else’s sexual desires, my emotional desires would be satisfied. Needless to say, that was not the case, and the end result was heartbreaking, to say the least.”

“Crash” is loosely based on Billy’s experience however the relationship in the song starts with a sexual encounter that both parties assume will end there. But then, deeper feelings start to develop. The song wonders: What is one supposed to do when feelings develop for someone you know in your heart is the wrong person for you?

It’s a question asked by many people, especially in today’s digital age where casual hook-ups are as easy as picking up your phone.

“The apps make it way too easy to get into the kind of situation I’m singing about in ‘Crash’ and that’s why I don’t use them,” says Billy.

I know people will find that hard to believe, but I don’t. I think the apps speak to exactly where we are in society: what is considered dating is too casual. It’s hard to understand how anyone falls in love these days. And even worse, why they fall so quickly. Just because you had sex with a guy you met on an app doesn’t make him your boyfriend, and it certainly doesn’t mean love. It’s why most of us stay single to avoid the headache.”

Please join GBMNews host Ralph Emerson as he chats with Billy Winn about his new sing, career path and dating in the new world of online apps.


As a boy, Billy Winn was often bullied because of his high voice. Kids would say he spoke like a girl and acted gay. At the time, he had no real idea what they meant but he associated ‘gay’ with something wrong. He tried to speak in a lower register and he was careful not to use effeminate words that might trigger ridicule. The teasing didn’t stop, but Billy was able to lean on a large family who appreciated him as an imaginatively artsy kid and did not try to stifle his creativity.

He started writing songs when he was twelve, composing catchy pop and R&B melodies with big choruses. When he recorded them, he knew something was missing. A producer he was working with at the time suggested he step outside his box and experiment with other sounds, particularly electronic and dance music. It clicked right away.

I realized there were so many artists out there who looked alike, sounded alike, and made the same kind of music,” he says. “I never wanted to look or sound like anybody else. I never wanted to be the next anyone. I wanted to be the first Billy Winn.”

He’s also more than his music. He’s a self professed science and history geek. “I can spend all day watching the History channel,” he laughs. “I love learning about outer space, dinosaurs, and ancient cultures like the Greeks and the Egyptians. If I’m not watching a science documentary, then I’m watching cartoons.”

Music is #1, however, and he uses it to showcase all the things that make him unique. “That was probably the toughest thing about splitting with my label,” he reflects. “I had songs I really believed in that I knew weren’t receiving the recognition they deserved because of the lack of support I was receiving from the label. It was really damaging to my heart, you know? It wasn’t until just a few months ago, really, that I finally felt back to normal and able to get back on track with performing, and making music—really getting back to myself.”

“‘Crash’ is the beginning of a really awesome project,” he continues. “I am working with a new production team, and we’ve been writing and recording since midsummer, and so ‘Crash’ is actually the first single from my next EP. It’s going to be my first real collection of songs, and in support of it, I plan to tour, so I want to thank everyone for sticking around. I know I’ve been gone awhile. I’ve been through some things, but I am back; and with a vengeance!”

Billy Winn’s “Crash” will be available October 20th on iTunes. For more information, visit or follow him on Facebook.