Singer Kimberly Davis (L), music producer Tony Moran (C) and producer-director-founder of CHIC, Nile Rodgers (R)

Kimberly Davis, a lead vocalist for the classic, chart-topping disco band Chic, always knew where life would lead her. Attending New York City’s famous LaGuardia High School of Music and Art, the Brooklyn native knew she wanted to follow her mother, a Motown artist, into the industry.

By Nathan James

My high school was my training,” Davis tells GBMNews, “I was always interested in music.” Even when she began working for the city, Davis never lost sight of her passion. “It was always there in me,” she recalls, and one day, the door to her dreams swung open wide.

Chic’s master drummer Ralph Rolle, whose career encompasses work with some of music’s biggest names, including Lady Gaga, and playing as the iconic Apollo Theatre’s house drummer, told her Chic was doing auditions. Davis dropped everything, and rushed over, changing her life forever.

Singing with Chic, which was originally formed in 1976, has taken Davis everywhere. “I perform live, internationally, with Chic all the time,” she says. “We just did Glastonbury [festival], and I believe it was 250,0000 people“. The group was the brainchild of producers Nile Rodgers and the late Bernard Edwards, and Rodgers continues to work with them today. “Nile is amazing, and so is [producer] Tony Moran–we have an awesome recording relationship”, Davis rhapsodized, “it’s a really good look.

Please join host Ralph Emerson as he speaks with Ms. Kimberly Davis of CHIC.

Kimberly chats about her amazing new single, her past and about her new career with CHIC.



With Chic songs like “I’ll Be There” going straight to Billboard’s Top 40, and Davis’ own single, “My Fire” reaching No. 1, her future is bright. She credits her band mates for their collective success. “All the band members know it’s all about the music,”Davis notes, “We’re more like a family. We do hit after hit, no slow songs.

The band is finishing up their current tour year, which saw them playing alongside another legendary group, Earth Wind & Fire, and even a stop in Japan with Duran Duran. Then, Davis says, “We’ll calm down for November and December, I’ll be glad to have time off where I’m home.”

After the New Year, they’re globetrotting again, with tour dates all over Australia for the first half of 2018. Traveling the world gave Davis a unique perspective on her craft. “It’s so good to see how universal music is,” she says of audiences abroad, “they know all the words to our songs.” Four decades on, Chic isn’t slowing down one bit, and Davis will be right there with them, making every note a sound heard ’round the world.