New Video Tackles LGBT Teen Issues, Homophobia


A gritty, unflinching new music video released yesterday is taking on the issues facing gay teens and the rampant homophobia permeating today’s society, in rapper Logic’s 1-800-273-8255.

By Nathan James

The title, which is the national suicide-prevention hotline number, speaks to the role of an increasingly hostile environment, assisted by the accession of the anti-LGBT Trump administration, in the upswing in suicide rates among young LGBT people. “With everything happening under the Trump administration, the LGBT community needs to see this video, learn about the hotline and know that there are people that care about them,” said

Nolan Gould (l) and  Cory Stewart

Modern Family actor Nolan Gould, who, along with Cory Stewart (Are We There Yet?) play gay teen lovers in the film. “They need to know they are loved and even though this a trying time, things are going to get better and we here for them.”

Suicide rates among Black LGBTQ individuals continue to hover at four to five times above the national average, according to the Trevor Project, which fights anti-gay bullying. “I’ve never really done too much with the LGBT community,” Gould says about his decision to perform in the video, “but considering everything right now with our current political environment and all of the struggles that they are currently facing, it was something that I definitely considered.”

Don Cheadle

The short, which also features movie stars Don Cheadle and Matthew Modine as the young, interracial couple’s respective parents, is intended to raise awareness of the challenges young gay men face.

The takeaway message, Stewart tells Too Fab, is critical. “I think the biggest message you can take away is to not only love yourself, but to also love everyone else around you. If you, yourself are going through anything, anything, anything just know there’s always someone who wants to listen and wants to help you.”

The video depicts Stewart as a gay, Black teen who is struggling with his sexuality, his feelings, and the trauma of locker-room bullying, and his family discovering his relationship.

All these factors become overwhelming, and steer the young man towards thoughts of ending it all. “There are solutions to it. It does not need to claim anymore lives,” Gould says of suicide. “It claims thousands of lives and we are losing a lot of people to this problem and it can be solved by all of us getting together.

The video, which also features vocals by Khalid and Alessia Cara, is part of Logic’s new album, Everybody, which is currently available on multiple online platforms.