Inaya Day is launching the summer of love with a celebratory cover of the massive seventies dance smash, “Love Is In The Air”. Produced by Joe Gauthreaux and DJ Grind, the new version is a joyous house track that is meant to lift hands, spirits and souls to the sky.

I’ve loved this song since I was a kid,” explains Inaya Day. “I’ve performed it several times at shows and wanted to record it but never got around to it. Then one day, out of the blue, Joe Gauthreaux and DJ Grind called and asked if I wanted to remake the song with them. Coincidence? Maybe. But it was also confirmation that I should record the song, and so, we did.”

Joe Gauthreaux and DJ Grind’s “Love Is In The Air” featuring Inaya Day is available on iTunes this month.

Reading the morning newspapers and watching the nightly news, it may not always seem that love is winning, but if you truly look around, you’ll see that it is,” continues Inaya Day from her New York home. “More people are marrying interracially, more countries are becoming diverse; there are more large-scale celebrations and more acceptance. People are realizing that the little squabbles between different groups do not matter and that we need to come together and cover evil and fear with love so that we all survive.”


Please listen to a delightful chat with Inaya Day

Hosted by Ralph Emerson

Inaya Day became a force on dance floors in the late nineties with her hits “Keep Pushin’”, “Hold Your Head Up High”, and “Horny”, then in the early 2000s with the Mike Cruz-produced dance anthems, “Movin’ Up”, “Can’t Stop Dancing”, “Lift It Up” and “U Spin Me”. She has kept the party going since then with a multitude of hits including “Nasty Girl”, “Glamorous Life”, and “One Night In Heaven”.

She holds firm to the belief that club music should be happy and up lifting. “Negativity is all around us. I want my music to make people feel better”.

In addition to her club career, she has worked extensively as a session musician, appearing on tracks by Michael Jackson, Al Green, Puff Daddy, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, Big Daddy Kane and Jonathan Butler, to name a few. She has also written songs for Randy Crawford, Bootsy Collins, and Missy Elliott and appeared on Broadway playing understudy to Stephanie Mills’ “Dorothy” in the revival of The Wiz.

However, for the larger part of her career, her heart has belonged to the clubs. “For over twenty years, my fans have come to hear me sing, supported my efforts, remembered songs that I’d forgotten I’d recorded, met with and greeted me, purchased my merchandise, sung along with me, and never made me feel like I was anything less than blessed. All I can say is that I am grateful and thank you.”

Written by George Young and Harry Vanda, “Love Is In The Air” was originally released in 1977 by John Paul Young. It became a worldwide hit in 1978, peaking at No. 3 on the Australian charts and No. 5 in the UK Singles Chart. In the United States, the song peaked at No. 7 on the pop chart and spent two weeks at No. 1 on the adult contemporary chart.

Joe Gauthreaux (l) and DJ Grind

Joe Gauthreaux is best known for his big room beats and soaring vocal anthems. DJ Grind’s sound is firmly anchored in uplifting house, blending circuit, tech-house and tribal beats with strong melodies, progressive synths and euphoric vocals.

Day says it’s impossible to compare their version of “Love Is In the Air” with John Paul Young’s original, and not only because it’s a female versus male voice, but because the original stands sure. “Our interpretation is simply different. No artist sees, hears, or interprets things exactly like another. It’s also a whole new feel using music and technology of this time and era.”

The message, however, remains the same.

Love is always the message,” says Day. “Love other people just as you’d want to be loved. Love them through their differences and their troublesome ways. You never know what a person is dealing with on the inside and just a simple smile can change someone’s day while an act of kindness can change someone’e entire life… even save it!

She has a special message of love to music fans: “Support your favorite artists. Go to their shows, buy their music, meet and greet them, exchange positive energy and connect with them. Share the music you love with other people so that they can be enlightened to the magic. Music and love are universal. Spread them both!