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Introducing The Three Brothers an African folktale


Today’s young people have many entertainment choices. However, due to the overwhelming influence of European dominated Western culture, young people of color have few opportunities to experience media grounded in their culture.

A creative team at 3 Degrees Films lead by writer Robert Penn and animation imagineer Lightning Yumeku are hoping to change this by introducing an animated series grounded in the culture of West African traditional story telling.

The story of Bala, Mamoun, and Saiya; The Three brothers was bequeathed to Robert by an actual West African traditional story teller. He was told to “take the story and make it his own”. In the spirit of that request, Robert has crafted a series of African folk tales destine to be produced for cable, web or network television.

In the series, the brothers are revealed to have magical powers not found in West. They live in a small village and explore life and learn from their experiences.

Please listen as Robert Penn chats with Ralph Emerson about his exciting project.


Robert Penn