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The Wide Net of the Trump Travel Ban

Photo by Astrid Riecken

A Credentialed White House Correspondent, Catholic, British Citizen Would Fall Foul of the Ban.

By Karanja Gaçuça

Sounds Incredulous? Perhaps. I will explain. I am a British Citizen, yes indeed, a credentialed White House correspondent, a catholic, not from any one of the seven listed countries, and technically cannot be a refugee, being British right? Well, it turns out that I would be personally directly affected and covered by Trump’s ban on refugees.

My spouse who holds a Green-card obtained residency after being granted asylum. We filed for my residency in the United States based on our marriage. However, because my spouse received residency after having been granted asylum, my case falls under the refugee category and as such I would be denied entry, detained and deported if Trump’s travel ban were restored and I attempted to travel into the country.

Photo by David Ryder

The president this week revived the controversial travel ban in a tweet where he wrote TRAVEL BAN in caps, perhaps to make it clear that he wanted it to be known as a travel ban. Well, anyone paying attention had to have always known all along, that the Muslim travel ban was , is and will always be an attempt to ban Muslims from traveling to the United States in keeping with Trump’s campaign promises.

To be clear, the Muslim ban, which has <strong>Steve Banon</strong>’s prints all over it, is more than just a ban on Muslims. It is a measure casting a wide net that targets minorities and Muslims from the seven named countries and beyond. The legal wording avoided mentioning Muslims, but the end result of the EO primarily affects Muslims, refugees and their relatives, mostly black and brown from across the globe. That the mainstream media has continued not to ask the difficult questions off the Trump Administration, thus normalizing the alarming, racist xenophobic policies does nothing to make any of these measures any less alarming or egregious.

These measures resemble measures pursued against Jews in Europe and the Japanese in the United States as well as many other minority groups over the course of history.

An attempt to apply logic to anything that Trump does is usually futile, but the insanity has definitely been quite the boon for my industry and so we journalists have generally kept calm and carried on trying anyway. This occasion is no different.

On its face it appears highly self destructive of Trump to have sent that tweet, which all but ensures that the ban will be struck down in court. It may very well be that Trump is really just totally completely incapable of controlling his worst impulses. It’s also plausible that being aware that the administration is highly unlikely to prevail in court, he simply decided to let off steam while giving his base some red meat to chew on. Whether this was intentional or not, the result is in fact exactly that – his base likes the travel ban so on a base level that feeds Trumpism. It also serves to continue the narrative of Trump vs. both political correctness and Washington with her bureaucracy and mainstream media.

However, even more sinister and cynical is the third possibility. Could it be that Trump is actually not only aware that he won’t prevail but additionally actually doesn’t want to win. Could it be that he made the calculation that there will likely be a terrorist attack on the homeland at some point, by an Islamist fanatic and possibly a non citizen. In that scenario, Trump will be able to point to the courts as he already did earlier in February when he said that the public will have the judiciary to blame when a terror attack happens. Sinister and cynical but, he actually already laid the ground work for this final most sinister of all scenarios!