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Anthony Eastwick Brings “The Hair Game” to New Jersey


By Delvon Johnson

Over 2000 people arrived at The Robert Treat Hotel this past weekend to attend the Anthony Eastwick Fashion show, and “The Hair Game”, given by Eastwick America, Hype Kings, and Empakcorp. From up and coming divas to fashionable grandmothers filled the ballroom with anticipation to watch the grand event. As the lights dimmed and the music began to blast through the speakers, I sat with excitement to watch New Jersey’s finest bring it to the runway.

The show consisted of two different parts. One portion of the show was all about fashion. Designers brought their hottest garments, and they did just that. Some of the designers included Tyrone Chablis, Fly Couture, Cali Couture, Polly Fu, Lalique, and my personal favorite, Anthony Eastwick, himself.

The show started with Lalique, who had some hot pieces. Sexy black men wearing sarongs certainly caught my attention from this designer. Not soon after, models peeled down the runway with the legendary Tyrone Chablis’s garments, and the audience went wild for his looks. Tyrone’s slogan is “It’s not something you just drink, you can also wear it.” In addition, there was Original Me 4 You, who seemed to specialize in mini dresses, jerseys, and Tee’s that had their brand embroidered with sequence on their garments. There were even had pumps that had NJ Giants to match the tops.

While some designers had a variety of styles and looks, others had a specific focus. Fly Couture’s focus was gowns, and there wasn’t a gown that tore down that runway that wasn’t gorgeous. Polly Fu, who was another designer based out of Newark used lots of colorful fabrics, and most of their looks revolved around cat suits.

When Anthony Eastwick’s designs hit the runway, there was a thunder of applause. People stood at their feet because it was obvious that his intentions were to change the game. Mixing different textures, like sequence and velvet, Eastwick’s major focus was cat suits and mini dresses. To change the flavor some, he added hoods to a few of the garments. Personally, I think he did that as a tribute to Travon Martin. When Eastwick came out to be recognized, he was wearing a peach colored suit, which he wore so well. Eastwick has had the opportunity to work with some celebrities, including Puffy, and Mary J. Blige. “Remember those yellow jumpsuits that Puffy rocked in his video back in the day? I designed those!” he said, talking to all of his fans and loved ones from the runway.

In between the different designers, there was a hair show where stylists showed their hottest hairstyles. The salons who participated were Take Over Salon, Cut Creators, Creative Concepts, Shearz Unisex, Kamilah’s Hair Loft, Diva Master Cutz and Stylz, and Hair Studio & Cosmetics. While some of the hair styles were bizarre and outlandish, obviously created specifically for the show, others were sleek, luscious, and beautiful. One of my favorite looks was when a model came down the runway rocking a two foot high colorful butterfly on her head with wings ready to soar.

Of course, the hair show portion of this event would not be complete without a performance from the kids. Aalliya Booker, former known as Tia Jourdan opened the hair show with a fierce vogueing