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Hillary Clinton Set To Announce Presidential Campaign

By Nathan James

Former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary Of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is preparing to announce her 2016 Presidential campaign on Sunday, Democratic Party sources revealed this week.

Clinton, who also ran for President in 2008, plans to focus on raising funds for her war chest after kicking off a “social media-based campaign”, her strategists said. “2016 is a game-changer in terms of White House politics,” said Evelyn Rotter, a DNC operative, “and Hillary can strike a chord with voters, given her successes in both the Clinton and Obama administrations.”

The announcement is carefully timed to occur just before Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) throws his hat into the ring, along with Tea Partiers Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

Vowing in an impromptu Thursday press conference to continue the progressive policies of President Obama, Clinton noted, “the tremendous gains made in America will continue with my leadership, and we will build on the growth and progress we’ve enjoyed with President Obama.”

Clinton, who was an active political player even during Bill Clinton’s term as Arkansas’ Governor, became a major figure as First Lady in her husband’s administration, heading a task force on national health care reform, and helping pass the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP),
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PANAMA CITY— U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro were set to make history Saturday with a meeting on the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas in Panama.

The face-to-face talks would mark the first meeting of U.S. and Cuban leaders since 1956, coming after the two presidents announced plans in December to normalize relations between their two nations. At the opening of the summit Friday evening, Obama and Castro shook hands, a gesture widely seen as symbolic of their effort to bury decades of animosity.

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HAVANA – U.S. President Barack Obama was only four days old when Comandante Ernesto “Che” Guevara publicly castigated the United States’ policy of hostility toward Cuba at an inter-American summit, reiterated then Prime Minister Fidel Castro’s willingness to resolve differences through dialogue on an equal footing, and held secret conversations with a Washington envoy.

More than half a century later, the U.S. president accepted the challenge of pursuing rapprochement with the Caribbean island country, overcoming conflicts, mutual resentment and tensions, and initiating the still precarious process of normalising bilateral relations.  Read More



KUWAIT CITY – As the world’s spreading humanitarian crisis threatens to spill beyond the borders of Syria and Iraq into Libya and Yemen, the United Nations is already setting its sights on the first World Humanitarian Summit scheduled to take place in Istanbul next year.

“Let us make the response to the Syria crisis a launching pad for a new, truly global partnership for humanitarian response,” says Antonio Guterres, the U.N. high commissioner for refugees.

That partnership could come in Istanbul in May next year – even as the refugee crisis may worsen in the next 12 months.
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