WHITE HOUSE— President Barack Obama says the United States is not at war with Islam. The U.S. leader told a White House summit on combating violent extremism he wants to discredit the belief that Americans and Westerners in general are at odds with Muslims. He said this narrative helps extremists radicalize and recruit young Americans and others.

Until now, the United States has focused on its military fight against Islamic militants. Now, President Obama said, it’s time to get at the ideological aspect, and what causes young people to become vulnerable to radicalization. Read More

Aggressive New HIV Strain Discovered In Cuba

Researchers have discovered a “highly aggressive” new strain of HIV, which advances to “full-blown AIDS” three times faster than other known strains of the virus, a University of Leuven study revealed today.

The Belgian researchers became interested in reports from Cuba that patients there who were infected with the CRF19 strain of HIV, were coming down with AIDS two to three years after contracting the virus.

Other, known strains take ten years to progress to AIDS, according to CDC Director Thomas Frieden.  Read More

Nigerians Relocate to Avoid Possible Election Violence

Dakar, Senegal — In northeast Nigeria, insurgent group Boko Haram group has distributed leaflets warning people to boycott the March 28 nationwide elections.

But that is not the only threat to security, People are moving their families away from sites of possible tension around the country and are preparing for unrest once results are announced.

From the Niger Delta to far northeast, the pre-election period has become a time of migration for some Nigerians.
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Gunmen seize 89 boys from South Sudan camp


Armed men have abducted at least 89 boys in South Sudan, the United Nations children’s agency has said. The incident happened in a camp in the northern city of Malakal that hosts thousands of people displaced by fighting between the army and rebels. Unicef says the unidentified gunmen went from house to house and seized boys over the age of 12.
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Assassination of Malcolm X marked in New York

A ceremony has been held in New York to honour black civil rights leader Malcolm X at the site where he was assassinated 50 years ago.Activists, politicians and actors were among some 300 people who paid tributes to Malcolm X in Harlem.

They heard a call by one of his daughters to reassess her father’s importance to civil rights in America. By the time he was gunned down, the Muslim leader had moderated his militant message of black separatism. Read More

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Armed men have abducted at least 89 boys in South Sudan, the United Nations children's agency has said. The incident happened in a camp in...


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