Two LGBT Groups Try To Acquire Homophobic Harlem Church

By Nathan James

When the City of New York announced its foreclosure sale of ATLAH World Missionaries, a Harlem church that has spread its anti-gay message of hatred for three decades, two prominent LGBT organizations quickly began efforts to acquire the building. The church, headed by firebrand pastor James David Manning, has been in arrears with the city and various other creditors for over $1 million, and a judge ordered the building seized and sold at a February 24 public auction, although the cleric has vowed to defy the order. “I will let my church go,” Manning boasted, “when gay men are birthing babies out of their anus”.

While Manning rebuffed the courts, an “LGBT-affirming” church, Rivers of Living Waters, headed by Pastor Vanessa Brown, and the Ali Forney Center, a nonprofit LGBT homeless shelter operator, both undertook to “transform a shrine of hatred into a place of love,” according to Ali Forney officials. Brown, whose nomadic church has rented space from other churches to perform its services, says making the ATLAH sanctuary a permanent home for her congregation, is her “primary goal”.  Read More



WHITE HOUSE— President Barack Obama pressed for unity in America during his first visit to a U.S. mosque as the nation’s leader, telling Muslims “We are one American family.”

During remarks Wednesday at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, Obama thanked Muslim-Americans for helping to build the U.S. and make it strong.

He also acknowledged the “hugely distorted” negative view Muslim Americans have had to endure with the rise of terrorism-related violence by Islamist extremists. Read More


Why Homophobic Harlem church building should become LGBT homeless youth shelter

Gentrification of neighborhoods always disrupts existing communities within them. In the past several years, Harlem’s empty lots and burned-out buildings have sprung up luxury condos,...

Unusual Black-on-Black Crime involving San Francisco and Oakland

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I’ve changed my mind on the gay cake row. Here’s why

The law should not require bakers to promote gay marriage Like most gay and equality campaigners, I initially condemned the Christian-run Ashers Bakery in Belfast...


By Nathan Geffen
Editor, GroundUP

Leaders are not looked upon unkindly by history solely for a subjective personality trait such as aloofness. Mbeki’s reputation doesn’t rise or fall on whether he was aloof, too intellectual or even authoritarian in his personal relationships.

It is deservedly and unalterably shattered for a much clearer reason: he pursued policies that resulted in hundreds of thousands of people dying, most of whom might otherwise have still been alive today.

In four articles so far, more than 7,000 words, Thabo Mbeki attempts to salvage his legacy, yet not once has our former president mentioned HIV. Read More

Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki served nine years as the second post-apartheid President of South Africa



Amid significant reforms, federal officials worry that sexual abuse in juvenile justice system remains prevalent and too often unpunished. Read More

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